Friday, October 26, 2012

ORR 1 Voke 5

A miserable opening 12 minutes proved too much to overcome for the Reds.  Voke quickly scored 5 goals before ORR settled in and began to play the best soccer of season.   For the first few minutes it was all Voke, the following 70 minutes belonged to ORR. 

Teddy Costa scored the lone goal for the Bulldogs early in the second half as they continually pressed and kept Voke on the defensive.  Steve O Burke had a golden chance in the first half before things got out of hand.  Paul Graves,  Alden Truesdale,  Max Houck and Robby Magee all had good tries at Voke Louis Carranza who was forced into making some  big saves. 

For the final 70 minutes freshman keeper Melvin Vincent was Carranza's equal when he was called upon to tip over the bar three rockets destined for the upper 90.   The rest of the defense, Alex Milde, CC Carando, Teddy Costa, Robby Magee and Tyler Hunter all had games of their careers.  They played with a fire and desire to win the ball that left Voke with no answers to form any dangerous attacks.  Mike Bliss, Max Houck, Kevin Noone, Alvaro Mansilla and Mike Pruchnik took control of the midfield setting the tempo for ORR's final push. 

ORR finished the season with a disappointing 5-9-2 record.  The team left the field with their heads held high knowing that in this final game, every player gave everything they had and understood that this team was a lot better than the record. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ORR 2 Bourne 6

The Bulldogs were eliminated from post season play following a 6-2 loss at Bourne.  ORR put themselves in a deep hole giving up two early goals before settling down.   The Reds played Bourne evenly creating good chanced to get back into this one.   The pressure paid off late in the half when Max Houck scored off a Alden Truesdale corner kick.   ORR pressed hard for the equalizer before the half but got caught ball watching on a counter attatck by the Warriors who were able to score an easy goal  for the 3-1 halftime lead.  

The Bulldogs again let up an uncontested counter attack goal early in the second half.   Twelve minutes in ORR was awarded a penalty for a take down inside the box and Houck put it away giving the Reds a short lived breath of hope.  

ORR gave it their all and had to take chances to try to get back into this game and stay alive for tournament qualification.   By taking chances, they left themselves exposed and Bourne took advantage scoring the final two goals late in the half. 

ORR will host New Bedford Voke at 5PM on Wednesday October 24th to close out the season.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

ORR 2, Wareham 0

The Bulldogs kept the post season in play with a 2-0 victory over the visiting Vikings of Wareham.  Robby Magee and Mike Pruchnik both scored first half goals that improved the Red's record to 5-7-2.   ORR must win both remaining matches to qualify for the state tournament.  Both  opponents are vying for the league crown, and both beat ORR in their first meeting.  ORR is riding a three game unbeaten streak that has kept them in contention, and the players are confident that the last two matches will put them into the post season.

Freshman Melvin Vincent II recorded his second shutout since taking over the net for the Bulldogs.  His presence offers the team a confidence that allows them to take chances defensively leading to dangerous counter attacks.  The back four of  Chris Carando, Tyler Hunter, Teddy Costa and Alex Milde played a tenacious brand of defense that held Wareham to 2 shots at goal,  both off target and of no consequence to the outcome of the game.   Combine that with Vincent's presence in the 18, cutting off thru balls and crosses that completely shut down Wareham and allowed him to finish the match without having to handle any shots on goal.

Paul Graves had four chances to make this game ugly for the Vikings.  He mistimed a near perfect cross from Alden Truesdale early in the game that found him standing on the goal line unchallenged. His weak attempt allowed the cross to sail harmlessly out of touch.   In the second half, Graves hunkered down and followed two hard shots on goal that Viking keeper Tyler Russle saved but could not hold allowing a charging Graves the chance to score.  His first attempt hit the crossbar and ricochet out of danger.  Twice more Graves pounced on rebounds only to be denied by some courageous defending by the Vikings defense.

Robby Magee, Alvaro Grothursen, Kevin Noone and Mike Pruchnik all had tries at goal as the hapless Viking defense began to crumble under the constant pressure applied by ORR.

"This game could have been ugly if not for our missed chances" said ORR coach Sullivan"   Wareham decided early on to hunker down for the 0-0 draw and never really came out of that defensive shell even after falling behind" he said.

The Bulldogs travel to Bourne on Monday with the goal of getting one game closer to qualifying for the State Tournament.

Monday, October 15, 2012

ORR 4, Case 0

Still Alive

The Bulldogs kept their post season chances in play with a 4-0 victory over Case in Swansea.  Mike Pruchnik again led the Reds with two goals, assisted by Alvaro and Teddy Costa.  Pruchnik has done this in two consecutive games and is on the doorstep of leading the team in scoring while only playing 70 minutes outside of his goalkeeping position.  His replacement in goal,  Melvin Vincent II has filled Pruchink's shoes in the goal nicely getting his first varsity shut out.

Max Houck opened the scoring heading home a perfectly placed cross from team mate Alden Truesdale.  "Alden is one of the hardest players for teams to contain.  His speed and desire to own the ball causes headaches for defenders and his tenacity has been paying off for us in a big way.  Alden has two goals and three assists in the last two matches," said coach Sullivan. 

Kevin Noone closed out the scoring heading in a corner kick nicely provided by Max Houck.

Things were looking pretty bleak for the Bulldogs as the second half progressed.  "We were not creating things up front and I was worried that Case could get a lucky goal and knock us out of post season play if we didn't speed things up and score. "  said Sullivan.

The speedy buzz saw, Teddy Costa was moved from his defender position to striker.  Things immediately improved for ORR with his speed of play.  Costa kept enough pressure on Case's defense to cause cracks in their back line.  Fifteen minutes into the half Alvaro fed Pruchnick for his first goal of the game.  Four minutes later Pruchnick found himself on Case's end line and tried to send a cross into the goal area.  He miss hit the ball just enough to put a bit of a spin on it causing it to hit the inside of the far post and bounce untouched into the goal.

"We didn't play well today, but it was good enough.  It would be nice to play to our potential every game but that's a lot to ask.  As long as we find a way to win we have a chance at pulling out a post season slot. " (Sullivan)

ORR host Wareham on Thursday 10/18  at 3:30 PM.

Friday, October 12, 2012

ORR 5, Fairhaven 5

"Cruz a  media."   Cross to the middle.  It's a fun game ORR boy's soccer has been playing at the end of practice for the past two weeks.  Today the team played Cruz a media with Fairhaven and scored 4 of their 5 goals.   ORR squander a 4-1 lead and had to scramble in the final minutes to earn the draw.

Mike Pruchnik opened the scoring early in the match heading home a beautifully corner kick from Max Houck. Two minutes later Houck scored during a scramble on the Fairhaven goal line.   In the 21st minute the Reds again played a game of Cruz a med when Alden Truesdale sent a corner kick into the goal mouth and Pruchnik again put it away for the 3-0 lead.    Fairhaven began their comeback a minute later on a mix up in front of keeper Melvin Vincent that left and open goal for Travis Fereira to slot home unchallenged.

The second half began well for the Bulldog's when Alden Truesdale fought off Fairhaven's last defender and let loose a well placed shot that beat keeper Kris Moore cleanly to the far post at the 10 minute mark.   It looked like ORR would coast to a victory with both teams trying unsuccessfully to organize their midfield and mount an attack.

Midway through the second half Fairhaven turned up the heat.  Goals by Sean Masse Josh Nunes and Alex Silva  evened the score with a five minute assault that left the Red's stunned.
Fairhaven had one more charge left and that paid off when Silva scored his second goal with 7 minutes remaining.  The celebrating began for Fairhaven and that would come back to haunt them.

ORR settled down and began take advantage of Fairhaven over confidence with their own assault. The Reds got another chance to try out their new favorite game, Cruz a med.  This time the ball bounced out to Truesdale and he fired the tying goal into the upper corner.   ORR broke into their own celebration but refused to settle for a tie. 

With time running down ORR mounted it's own full out assault. .  With under a minute ORR was awarded a corner kick.   The Reds filled the area with 6'2 Pruchnik, 6'1 Robby Magee, 6'3 Alex Milde, 6'1 Will Santos for one last game of Cruz a med.  As that game dictates, there was a scramble in front of the net, but this time Fairhaven managed to clear the ball out of danger and end the well played, well fought match.

Coach Sullivan  ORR

"Both teams had this game won.  Both coaches are happy to survive with a draw. Being the one who scored the last goal,  I'm probably a little happier than George, (Gomes of Fairhaven)"

"Melvin Vincent played a really good game in net for us.  His command of the goal area took a lot of heat off of our defenders who were under pressure all day.  Not bad for a 13 year old freshman. "

Teddy Costa was a force on defense for most of the game.  His move to offense when ORR was down a goal put enough pressure to crack Fairhaven's defense forcing the corner kick that gave ORR the tie.  His speed and heady play created three golden chances for ORR to come away with the victory but all three breakthroughs were ruled offside eliminating the chances for the win.

ORR 3-7-2 need to win their final four matches to qualify for the post season.  They travel to Case on Monday and Wareham on Thursday.

ORR Refuses to Rebuild

This was supposed to be a transition year for the Old Rochester boys soccer team. The boys lost 15 seniors to graduation and those 15 were no slouches – each playing an integral role in the Bulldogs success in capturing a share of the 2011 South Coast Conference title.
Add in the loss of long-time Old Rochester Coach Erich Carroll – who stepped down to pursue his doctorate – and this group had more question marks surrounding it than the New England Patriots offensive line.
But amidst all the doubts, a funny thing has happened in the opening month. With a 3-1-1 record thus far (all in conference play), the Bulldogs have emerged from the pack as the early favorites to repeat as conference champs – a remarkable feat when considering they are returning just four players with varsity experience, all while working in first-year coach John Sullivan.
"The players are progressing nicely, working themselves into fitness and getting comfortable with the ball at their feet,” Sullivan said. "I’m not sure our record indicates where we’re at; I think we should probably have lost to Seekonk in our home-opener (1-0 win) but then again our ties and our one loss were games I thought we should have won. So we could just as easily be 3-1.”

Read more: Old Rochester boys soccer team refuses to rebuild - Marion, MA - Wicked Local Marion

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ORR 0, Seekonk 1

ORR 0  Seekonk 1

ORR drops to 3-6-1

ORR host Dighton Rehobeth on Wednesday 10/10

ORR battled Seekonk to the final whistle in this back and forth night game.   The Bulldogs had the better chances where they created four golden opportunities that were easier to put in the back
of the net that to score. Paul Graves had two chances to be the hero of the match but his timing was off enough that he never got a touch on the ball.   Robbie Magee was a step behind a beautifull cross from Max Houck that was just out of reach for a goal of the year candidate header.   

Late in the game Magee took a cross from Freshman Evan Santos but sent his volley into the arms of Seekonk's keeper.    Minutes later Mike Bliss let loose a cannon that found the Warrior's keeper's chest for the easy no see save.

Seekonk scored the lone goal and the game winner from a corner kick with six minutes remaining, and was able to absorb an all out attack by the Bulldogs. 

Coach John Sullivan

"This was without a doubt our best performance of the season.   We were definitely the better team today but our lack of finishing let this one slip away.   I was very proud of the play today.  The kids displayed a desire to compete and played a strong a game as any coach could ask."

"Freshman keeper Melvin Vincent was superb in the net and the defensive play of CC Carando, Teddy Costa,  Tyler Hunter and Will Santos kept Seekonk off balance and unable to mount any kind of threatening attack."

"Chilean exchange student Alvaro played well up front complimenting the speed of Alden Truesdale and Magee. "

"This game was ours for the taking but we failed to put it away.  Part of the process of playing good soccer is the players must find a way to win.   We know the way, now we need to execute and put the chances away.